Light - Stile X carton x 29 booklets

Light - Stile X carton x 29 booklets

Stile Education

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Stile X is a workbook that teaches students how to study, while they study. Stile X aligns with Stile Digital lessons and focuses on revision and mastery of the most important concepts from each unit. Workbooks contain:

  • Note-taking and revision activities aligned to Stile’s lessons
  • A practice test for the Unit
  • A glossary of a Unit's key terminology
  • Study and note-taking tips that are evidence-based and age-appropriate

Students with access to Stile Digital* can also unlock resources in the Stile X companion phone app to access flashcards, quizzes, 60-second revision videos and practice test model answers. Find more information at

Please read before purchasing*: Purchases include individual workbooks only and do not include a Stile Digital subscription. A current Stile Digital subscription is required to access units in the Stile X companion phone app. If your school has booklisted Stile, please purchase directly through your school. Replacements for individual booklets can be purchased here as required.

We offer discounts for eligible schools who purchase sets of Stile X workbooks in bulk for whole year levels, please contact us on (03) 8539 3289 or to find out more.